Creating positive impact and supporting Southeast Asia’s renewable energy transition

65 MW

Solar Systems Signed

96 GWh

Solar Energy Generated Annually

57,500 tons

CO2 Emissions Avoided Annually


Customer Savings (USD) Enabled Annually

Trusted Worldwide

Global Leader In Commercial And Industrial Solar

Total creates lasting value for stakeholders and communities by responsibly developing and operating solar projects. With over 11 GW installed worldwide, Total provides reliable, clean power to industry leaders.

Unparalleled Experience

Total has 100 years of experience operating energy assets, and has been active in the solar industry for almost 50 years. Since 1972, Total’s expertise in solar has expanded along with growing its presence across all continents.

Value Through Integrated Solutions

Total is present across the entire solar value chain, from manufacturing to operation and maintenance.

our Testimonials

“We are proud to be the first automotive-purposed building in Singapore to use renewable energy as part of our power supply. It is about walking the talk to reduce the effect of carbon emissions. This also drives a strong environmental message to vehicle owners who visited CARROS Centre for servicing or repairs. Our partnership with Total Solar DG has been positive to-date and we are looking at possibility of solarizing more of our buildings owned by the Group that would promote mass adoption of renewable energy in Singapore.”

“We chose to partner with Total Solar for our Solar PV System requirements because we are assured of Total’s Bankability, High Standard in Safety, Technical expertise and Quality of Installation”.

“We believe that our company’s license to operate relies on our unwavering commitment to implement sustainability principles throughout our entire business operations, one of which by reducing our carbon footprint wherever and whenever possible. Our partnership with Total Solar DG makes this come true”.

Case Studies


Danone is a world-leading food and beverage company catering to both global and local markets.
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Betagro Group

Solarising 24 facilities for Betagro Group – One of Thailand's largest, most established agro-industrial and food companies.
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Chandra Asri Petrochemical

Chandra Asri Petrochemical is one of the largest plastic manufacturer and petrochemical companies in Indonesia.
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S. Kijchai Enterprise

S. Kijchai Enterprise has one of the largest rooftop areas in Thailand.
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Jentec Storage Inc.

Jentec Storage Inc. specialises in logistics, storage and distribution, with a network of cold chain facilities.
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Carros is Singapore’s largest automobile hub.​
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Gaisano Capital

Gaisano Capital is a chain of malls and supermarkets with over 35 branches in the Philippines.​
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Total Lubricants

Total Lubricants is 100% owned by the Total Group.
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